Sunday, July 12, 2015

Teaching is a Small Business

     Most private music teachers in the United States of America do not think of their teaching as a business. Some teachers would say it is wrong, it goes against their calling as teachers to see their teaching as business. And I do not blame them, we have all had teachers that just taught for the money. These teachers do not care about their students, just the paycheck. But as teachers, we do not have to fall into that trap as we seek to make the business aspect of our studio successful.

But as private music teachers we need to develop our understanding of business, since a good portion of it is selling our product to people. This does not mean that we should neglect the other important aspects of our teaching, such as our pedagogical skills, musical skills, understanding of child psychology, how to work with parents. So the question for us today is, "how much time do I spend on the business aspect of my studio?"

If you are not sure where to start, Dave Ramsey is one of the men that can help you build the business side of your studio. Ramsey has built his business from zero to a multi-million dollar business. Alongside that, Ramsey will teach you to build a lasting business founded on good ethics and practices. Enjoy this short video and there are more in the series!

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