Saturday, June 10, 2017

Practice Tips for The Two Grenadiers Suzuki Violin Book 2

     The Two Grenadiers by Robert Schumann. This is our second piece by Robert Schumann as we also played The Happy Farmer in Book 1. This is the first piece that is in a minor key, sounding sad, and where we use low first finger on the A and E string, it is a big step in our violin playing.

Here are some practice tips as you work through The Two Grenadiers:

The Two Grenadiers is in the key of D Minor for the first half of the piece, which means that it has 1 flat - Bb. For violinists this means we play a low 2nd finger on all the strings and low 1st finger the A and E string, except for the notes that have accidentals. The last half of the piece is in D Major which has two sharps, which we have in Musette. There is a switch to 1st finger on the tape, a regular first finger. 

This piece can be broken up in two big sections, the D minor section and D Major section.  Within those two sections we can also break the piece up in smaller chunks. 

Grenadiers. This is the word for soldier.

Più Mosso. Even more movement, which means that this part of the piece is faster than other sections.

Long-Short Hook Bows. Play a two-note hook with the first being longer and the second shorter.  You will see this with a dotted-quarter-eighth combination and a dotted-eighth-sixteenth note combination. 

1. Practice the long-short hook bow (dotted-quarter-eighth) on open strings.

2. Learn and play Finger Exercise No. 5A 7 times every you practice, to get comfortable sliding your first finger back for a low first finger.

3. Practice the D minor scale with long-short hook bow slow, medium and fast.

4. Listen to the c.d. or a YouTube video of the piece as you follow the notes. Listen to how the dynamics and bowings are performed.

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