Friday, August 22, 2014

Student Post: Johannes Brahms, Part 2

     Last time we looked at Brahms early years (first post here), now we are ready to see what happened later in his life and the effect Brahms had on people's lives and music.

                                                                     Years Later.....

     Though he made attempts and had failures in marriage, Brahms remained a bachelor. But, that did not make him any less marvelous. He was a pleasant man who was nice to children and loved the outdoors, taking many long strolls through the woods. Brahms remained in Vienna for the rest of his life but, did travel for concerts, tours and more (yes, they had those back then). He either conducted or played his individual pieces in his performances. In the 1880’s-90’s, he created many famous pieces such as “Double Concerto in A Minor”, “Piano Trio No.3 in C Minor”, “Violin Sonata in D Minor”, “String Quintet in F Major” and lastly, "String Quintet in G Major.” Brahms later teamed up with Richard Mühlfeld to create a musical classic called “Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano” plus the “Quintet for Clarinet and Strings.” Brahms was very generous, often too generous at times, when he would give money to friends or family. This generosity though, would sometimes make Brahms pay the price. Brahms always wanted to be perfect (talk about picky) but for Brahms (and his wallet), this was a good thing. He was such a perfectionist that once he destroyed 20 string quartets and in 1890, almost gave up composing. But, Brahms soon started up again and he was composing faster than you can say the word "music." Brahms’s last years included a piece called “Vier ernste Gesange,” a sad composition but a very famous one too. Brahms died May 20, 1896 because of liver problems and cancer. His last concert was March 1897 in Vienna. 

   Because of Brahms

     Brahms had inspired many, many people in his lifetime. He was a one hit wonder and in his day probably better then Taylor Swift. But no matter where he was he was always remembered and loved. Johannes, Brahms, old dude playing the piano, whatever you call him, he was the life of the romantic era and brought glory to the world. His music brought interest to life and beauty to the piano. I bet even instruments thought he was wonderful. So, let us give a round of applause to the wonderful, marvelous, phenomenal, perfectionist, musician, Johannes Brahms.

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