Thursday, May 9, 2013

Violin Book 1: Lightly Row in A, D, G Major with a Preparation Exercise

              You are ready for Lightly Row, so other than a pretty melody what will you learn? Check out some of the focus points:
  • This piece starts on the E string, not the A string like the Twinkles.
  • Playing position. Get into a good playing position: violin on the shoulder to the side, curved fingers for the bowhand, stand tall, left thumb by the first finger. Place the bow at the middle between the bridge and the fingerboard.
  • Hopping. Practice the hop between the 1st two notes, the E string to 2 on the A string, with different rhythms.
  • Once you can play the piece without stumbles, you can try playing it starting on the A string and then starting on the D string, just like in the video.

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