Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Practice Tips for Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Suzuki Book 1

Believe it or not, but you are 1/4th through the book, a few more songs and you are half way! I have posted some tips in a previous post (check them out), but there's more! Here are some more strategies to Go Tell Aunt Rhody:
  • Playing Position: Prepare the playing position before starting the song, remember that these few seconds of preparation will make it so much easier to play the piece.
  • Structure: The order is part 1 (first line) mf, part 2, part 2 piano (second line), part 1 mf (third line)
  • New Skills: 
    • rhythms - you now have a mix of quarter, eighth, and half notes in the song.
    • dynamics - for the first time in the book you switch from mf (medium strong) to p (softly), so after you get comfortable with the notes and rhythms you can add this interesting aspect to the song. 

  • Strategies:  
    • Warm-up with the bow exercises, now with an emphasis on playing one string mf, the next p and so forth.
    • After you listen to the song one time and follow the notes, say the notes in rhythm as best as you can (parents this is a good opportunity to sing along with your child).
    • Learn part 2 first so that you can start trying out the dynamics.
    • Play along with the Youtube video above.
    • Add mf and p to the songs you already know.
    • Perform a Quarter-Book Recital for family and friends.
      Parents and students alike are looking for getting everything right as quick as possible all the time. Take the time to focus on the progress that was made, point it out to yourself or parents make sure to point it out to your child. We all need encouragement, give it to yourself and to others throughout the week it will make a difference in your practicing and others aspects of your life.

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