Friday, November 14, 2014

My Child's Recital is Tomrrow, What Do I Do?

     Your child's recital is tomorrow and you are unsure what to do. Maybe you can say that you are anxious because you do not want your child to mess up. Here are some quick tips that will help in preparation for the recital:

1. Pack. Check your bag and instrument twice the night before and the day of the recital; you want to make sure you have everything you need.
2. Early is on time. Get there 20-30 minutes early to get settled in, unpack, use the bathroom, warm-up, and not feel rushed.
3. Encourage. Tell your child how good they are doing, reassure them that you enjoy their music, and give them some specific compliments. This is not the time to ask them, "Are you ready?" or "Did you practice enough?" or "Are you nervous?" These kinds of questions will just raise the anxiety level of your child and will not help anyone perform their best. They are already nervous, so be there for them to bolster their confidence.
4. Remember. Talk through what to do when it's their turn to perform, like you discussed in lessons with your teacher.
5. Enjoy. Look forward to the recital, enjoy yourself, socialize, video record what your child is playing, bring snacks for the reception and enjoy them with people. Your attitude will affect others around you, so make the most of the recital. 

Are these tips helpful? What have you been doing to make recitals a good experience?

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