Mr. Mircea Ionescu, a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago, studied under Yuko Mori and Cyrus Forough. He received his Suzuki training under Timothy Durbin at the University of Louisville.

Mircea has been a Suzuki instructor for over a decade on the violin, viola, cello and piano. His first teaching experience was at age seventeen under his father as an assistant conductor to the mandolin orchestra at church; it was during this time that he started arranging music. He started teaching privately during his college years at Roosevelt University in Chicago all the way to the Oldham County Arts Center in Crestwood, KY. He has also been with the Bella Artes Quartet for the past three years and now with StringsInOne, along with the Louisville Philharmonia.

Alongside teaching privately, Mircea has also taught private lessons, ran sectionals and conducted string orchestras at Raspberry Ridge Music Camp, has conducted youth choirs and has been a guest conductor at the Lauda Domini Choir Festival. He is currently a clinician with the Kentucky Christian String Camp. He has taught Tae Kwan Do and Hapkido as a black belt instructor, and coached soccer at the high school level.

Mircea really enjoys seeing students grow into well-rounded and passionate adults, instilling in them a love for music, learning, character and excellence, having fun all at the same time!

If you are interested in violin, viola, cello or piano lessons, I teach at the Oldham County Arts Center in Crestwood, Kentucky. For those of you that are closer to Louisville, I teach through the University of Louisville Community Music Program.  Now, if you are not even close to Kentucky I also teach online through Skype! However you want to do it, get in touch with me for a free trial lesson and give it a chance, you have nothing to lose. 

My email: privatelessonmatters@gmail.com

                                         Teaching Approach
Whole Person.
  • Have Fun:  enjoyable educational games/challenges!
  • Ear Training: learn some of the songs by ear, along with aural exercises
  • Music Theory and History: study one  composer per month; learn to read music notation, chords, and the structure of music
  • Sightreading: try a new piece regularly after reading ability is established
  • Core Material: Suzuki books (strings) or the Faber/Suzuki books (piano)
  • Supplemental Pieces: fiddle tunes, movie, sacred, pop
  • Book Graduation Recital: after every piece in a book is memorized the student performs the pieces for family and friends
  • Mastery: Learn in small steps to master skills with a total sense of success
  • Practice Regularly: teacher/parent will decide on a goal for how many days a week

Parent’s Role.
  • Home: spend time with your child and listen to c.d. regularly (5-7 times a week)
  • Presence: The parent or guardian needs to be present at every lesson        
  • Lessons: quietly take notes and ask questions during to know how to help at home
  • Phone: Your child cares very much that you are in the lesson, usually parents are surprised by how much their child cares. So we need to keep the phone on vibrate/silent mode and stay off it to focus on the lesson
  • Extra Children: if you are bringing other children have things for them to work on so that we will have less distractions
  • Dress Code: playing an instrument requires movement, so your child needs to wear comfortable clothing. 

Last Things.
  • Your package includes: one 30 – 60 minute private lesson, bi-monthly group class (strings), one personal recital and one group recital per session. If you come early, we can play together with the student finishing up
  • Lateness cannot be made up and there’s a benefit to coming early, like not being stressed.
  • Before you leave home, check off that you have your instrument (strings), books, practice sheet and appropriate clothing. This is one way to ensure that we can make the most of our lessons
  • You will turn in the practice sheet every week, so check it off at home and bring it with the other things. This is a nice way to build structure and consistency in practicing with your child
  • The best way to reach me is through a phone call or an email. I do not text
  • 2 make-up lessons are available per session if a day’s notice is given

“I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.”
                                                                                       -Johann Sebastian Bach

                                                                                             By Mircea B. Ionescu · Copyright © 2013
                                                                      None of this material may be reproduced without written consent.

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