Cello Technique: The String Concerto



Cello Book 1: Finger Concerto

The finger concerto should be played on every string. Start on the E string if you are a violinist and on the A string if you are a violist or cellist. Pick a rhythm from the Twinkle variations in Suzuki Book 1 and then play open string, 1st finger, 2nd finger, 3rd finger, 4th finger.  This is an easy way to get comfortable playing each finger with a rhythm.  

Remember to take your time and try the finger concerto in many different ways!



Cello Book 1: The Bow Circle

              This is one of the simplest ways to build your tone on the violin. It even works with viola, cello, and bass. So what you want to keep in mind:
  • the bow needs to be placed gently on the string at the frog (bottom of the bow).
  • then pull the bow gently watching that the string resonates (wiggles really fast).
  • then circle back to the middle of the bow! 
  • keep the bow off the fingerboard and use as much of it as you can.
  • start by doing 5 bow circles per string, then every week keep adding 1 more bow circle per string.
  • after 2 weeks you can experiment with slower and faster bow circles.
  • you can even do bow circles up bow
This warm-up exercise is good for the rest of your life, just like marriage, so keep at it and be creative.

Cello Book 1, No. 1: Twinkle Variation A

Focus Points:
  • Get into a good playing position every time, do not just let something slip.
  • Put your bow on the D string.
  • Start thinking of the rhythm: "pepperoni pizza" or "mississippi stop stop" or "1-e-and-a 2-and"
     however you think about it, go for a consistent rhythm on each note. 
  • Stay relaxed and enjoy!


Cello Book 1, No. 1: Twinkle Variation C




Cello Book 1, No. 2: French Folk Song



Focus Points:

  • Get into a good playing position every time, making sure the fingers on the bow are curved and the left thumb is on the neck under the 2nd finger.
  • This piece starts with four fingers on the A string.
  • There are a lot of 3 note groupings, watch for that as you play the piece.
  • Make sure to play with a smooth bow connecting the notes.

Cello Book 1, No. 4: Song of the Wind

Cello Book 1, No. 5: Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Cello Book 1, No. 6: O Come, Little Children

Cello Book 1, No. 7: May Song

Cello Book 1, No. 8: Allegro

Cello Book 1, No. 9: Perpetual Motion

Cello Book 1, No. 10: Long, Long Ago

Cello Book 1, No. 11: Allegretto


Cello Book 1, No. 12: Andantino



Cello Book 1, No. 13: Rigadoon





Cello Book 1, The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann



Cello Book 2, No. 1: Long Long Ago



Cello Book 2, No. 2: May Time


Cello Book 2, No. 3: Minuet No. 1 by J.S. Bach

Cello Book 2, No. 4: Minuet No. 3 by J.S. Bach



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