Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Lessons, the Best Time to Start or Keep On

        Summer is here and many of us are going on vacation or are right now on vacation!  This does not mean that you have to go without lessons for the entire summer. I know that some of you are thinking whether or not to do them. Short answer: Do It!

If you are looking for a teacher or just want to try something out, take 2 free online lessons with me! And for those of you in the Louisville area, I teach at the Oldham County Arts Center and the University of Louisville Community Music Program. I teach the violin, viola, cello and piano. We can do Suzuki, fiddle, bluegrass, classical and/or church music. Send me an email at: for more info.

For those of you who have a teacher, here is what I recommend you keep in mind as you think it over:

1. Some teachers will be able to have lessons earlier in the day since there is no school, so just ask.
2. A few lessons will help keep students going so that they don't fall behind.  Students that do not take any summer lessons forget some of what they have learned. So guess what happens when Fall rolls around? The parents and student get frustrated when things have to be relearned.
3. Some children think they are done with music lessons, so by taking just a few lessons you can avoid misunderstandings.
4. If you take lessons in the summer you will have a spot for sure in the Fall with your teacher. 
5. Summer lessons are a great way to keep your child sharp and moving forward. What I have noticed, is that students have a harder time staying motivated to practice without the weekly lessons
6. Good opportunity to prepare for orchestra auditions.
7. Most importantly, quality time with your favorite teacher.

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