Monday, June 9, 2014

Teaching Reflections: Unique Moments

      Every profession, job, and career comes with good things and bad things. For many people in the United States it is easy to focus very much on the disadvantages, it is easy to complain, to be jealous, to just get through the day. Can you imagine how painful it is to go through life that way? We lose so much when we do that?

A little while ago I had the wonderful opportunity to play with one of my students at a private family occasion. The student and I played a song together. As I was there, I realized what rare privileges I have as a private music teacher. I get to see families have fun, celebrate and even grieve, all because of private music lessons. Who would have thought that teaching students can be more than a 30-minute lesson once a week? I am not sure how many other professions get a chance to experience these kinds of unique moments, but these kinds of moments in life encourage me and I praise God for them. 

These kinds of unique moments have also helped me remember that as much as musical excellence is important, sharing life with people is even more important.  This is especially important to remember in the American society that is always "on the go" with no time to breathe.  The priority of the relationship between the parent and child with the teacher is one aspect of the Suzuki method that I find so refreshing.  At times I get the impression that people think of teachers as waiters at the restaurant just giving people what they order.  But how much better to see a teacher, a student and their parents as more than just clients who give me something.

Prioritizing relationships with people makes it possible to have good unique moments. Are you looking for these moments? What do you live for? So, what are some great moments that you have experienced lately?

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