Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Performance Reflections: Duet for Violin and Guitar by Burgmuller

          I recently performed a duet with a friend, Derek Harris, at our Spring Student Recital. This is a Nocturne by Johann Friedrich Burgmuller that he originally wrote for cello and guitar. As you can see I am playing the violin and he is playing the guitar.

         One thing I noticed as I was playing the piece with my friend Derek is how helpful it is to warm-up and to play through the piece before performing it in front of the audience. By just taking a few minutes to get my hands and fingers warmed-up I was able to enjoy the piece a lot more. It wasn't always so, there were many times that I just got to a concert or recital on time (or even late!) and I was not able to enjoy myself very much because I was not playing my best.

         Instead of getting your recital on time, make sure to get there early enough to warm-up by doing scales and other exercises that you know and then play through your piece at a medium tempo. Remember, take your time because you will be nervous and want to rush. Set yourself up to do your best, it is much more enjoyable!

          What are some things or routines that you go through to get warmed-up to perform?

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