Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Practice Tips for Sailing in the Sun, Faber Book 1

     You now can play Firefly and Little River. Here are some tips and focus points that will help you master this piece:
  • Prepare your hands: Right hand is in C position just like Firefly, but now the left hand puts the 1st finger (thumb) next door to the right hand on the white key, which is B.
  • Two Notes: In this song, you get to play two notes at a time with the right hand (1st and 3rd, 2nd and 4th). To make this easy, press the 1st finger down, hold it down while you press the third finger. Do that a few times, then it will be easier to press the first and third finger down at the same time. Next, do the same with the second and fourth finger.
  • Dynamics: where it is written p, play the notes quietly and make the mf medium strong. You want to hear a big difference between p and mf.
  • Medley: play Firefly, Little River and Sailing in the Sun all in a row.

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