Thursday, September 18, 2014

Practice Tips for Song of the Wind in Suzuki Book 1

You now can play the Twinkles and Lightly Row. You have also been trying out some strategies to learn songs, keep thinking of new ways to approach new songs.  Always keep in mind that we want to make things effortless, so do not get discouraged if you cannot learn the song quickly because everyone makes mistakes. Here are some strategies to add to your arsenal as you learn Song of the Wind:      
  • Playing Position: Prepare the playing position before starting the song.
  • Structure: The order is part 1 (first line), part 2 (second line), part 2 (third line).
  • New Skills: 
    • staccato - which is indicated with dots on top or bottom of the note heads, play or sing choppy, crisp, separated, the opposite of legato (smooth and connected).
    • bow circles (retakes) - as you do your bow circle in measure 4, 6 and at the end of part 2 take your time to place the bow gently and at the middle.
  • Strategies:  
    • Warm-up with the bow exercises, especially playing each string staccato and bow circles 4 times each string.
    • Listen to the song and hum along one time before trying to play it. song, so pop in that c.d. or watch the video above!
    • The song introduces more hoping E1 to A3 to E3 to E1 at the end of part 1 (line 1, measure 3). To make it easier, practice hoping from E1 to A3 a few times without the bow, then A3 to E3, then E1 to E1. Now engage the Twinkle rhythms, playing through the same combinations. Now, play the all those notes with one of the rythms and then the way it's in the book. 
    • Play along with the Youtube video above.
    • Play through all the Twinkles, Lightly Row and Song of the Wind.
     As a parent it will help you greatly to keep in mind what it would be like if your parent said the kind of things you say to your child as you practice together. Would you love it if your mother or father point out all the mistakes all the time every practice? Think back on how you did things with your parents, let those memories give you a new way to approach practicing with your child.

These are just a few ideas, get creative and try the song in different ways!

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