Monday, June 3, 2013

What Violin Size Should I Play on?

It is pretty easy to determine what size Violin you or your child should play on:

1. Scroll Grab: Can you reach around the scroll (top) of the violin with a slightly bent elbow.
2. Fingers Painfree: Can you put all your fingers down on the G string able to play the note D easily and painfree? Play each finger to see if it is comfortable and in tune.

      It is easy to give in to the desire for a parent or a violinist to want to get to the bigger size instrument because of the potential sound. The problem is that you are not meant to grow into the vionlin like we do with shoes.

The disadvantages outweigh any advantage of playing a size too big. Here are some losses of playing on an instrument that is big:

1. It will be more difficult to play in tune.
2. The fingers may hurt when stretching to reach the correct position for the note.
3. Bad playing position: posture, violin position, bow hand.
4. The tone will come out more rough, crunchy or squeaky because of the struggle to get the notes.

Check out what another violin teacher's explanation on the size of the violin.
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