Friday, June 27, 2014

Musette: Suzuki Violin Book 2 - Tips and Focus Points

     So you are now getting comfortable playing with the whole bow Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus and now we are ready for the next step: Musette by J.S. Bach. Here are some tips and focus points:
  • Check the key signature: 2 sharps (F# and C#), which means 2nd and 3rd finger touch on A and D string; 1st and 2nd finger touch on the E string.
  • Play at the tip of the bow as many notes as possible.
  • Bring out the sudden changes in dynamics. Make a distinct difference between p, mf, f by the amount of bow you use.
  • Take a small breath when you see the commas in the music.
  • The last note in the piece you can play as a harmonic on the D string.
  • One way to practice the 4-note slurs is to make them into hook bow, so that it is easier to distribute he amount of bow per note.
  • Play scales and pieces from book 1 at the tip to make it easier playing at the tip.
Feel free to ask questions, suggestions and concerns. And if you want more help, try a free online lesson!

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