Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prctice Tips for May Song, Suzuki Book 1

     You have started songs on the A string, on the E string, down bow, up bow, and with 2 fingers on the A string. So now you are ready for May Song, here are some tips:
  • Playing Position: go to playing position a few times with your eyes closed. This will help challenge you to get ready to play.
  • Structure: The order is part 1 (first line) f, part 2 mf, part 2 p (second line), and part 1 f (third line).
  • New Skills: 
    • rhythms - the dotted-half note. This note is worth 1.5 beats, it is easy to make it too short (1 beat) or too long (2 beats). Listen to how I play the first four notes on the video get an idea how to play it.
    • dynamics - there is now forte, mezzo forte, and piano. May a distinct difference between these three levels of volume with the amount of bow that you use.
  • Strategies:  
    • Warm-up with the bow exercises, now with an emphasis on alternating between forte, mf, p and dotted-quarter notes.
    • After you listen to the song one time and follow the notes, listen again and clap the notes along with the song to starting learning the rhythm of the song.
    • Play along with the Youtube video above.
    • Add f, mf and p to the songs you already know.
This week, practice songs and exercises in a different order than usual. Spend one minute on something then go to something else, do this until you practice 5 minutes more than usual. Parents, let your child choose what to switch to next and have fun with it. You can put a timer so that it is easily seen, enjoy!

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