Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Practice Tips for Twinkles in Suzuki Book 1

You have learned how to get into a proper playing position and can play the finger concerto with all the Twinkle rhythms. Now it is time to use the rhythms with the Twinkle, Twinkle song. Here are some tips as you learn the Twinkles on the violin, viola, cello or piano:

  • Playing Position: Place the violin on the shoulder, left thumb by the first tape, wrist relaxed. Next, put curved fingers on the bow and put the bow at the middle between the bridge and the fingerboard. Do that every time you play.
  • Structure: Part 1 starts with A string, Part 2 starts with E string. The order of the song is Part 1, Part 2, Part 2, Part 1.
  • Stop and Prepare: To make it easy to learn Part 1 play the first note with the rhythm, stop, then prepare the next note, play that note, stop, and so on just like with the Finger Concertos
  • Rhythms: Variation A is pepperoni-pizza, Variation B is popcorn-pause-and, Variation C is run-pony-run-pony, Variation D is blueberry-strawberry, Variation E is grandma-on-the-motorcycle and then the Theme.
  • Learn to play the song really well with one rhythm before going to the next rhythm.
  • Play along with the videos below to get an idea on how they go then try it faster

Variation A


Variation B

Variation C

Variation D

Variation E


What tips have helped you with the Twinkles? Any questions?

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