Monday, August 25, 2014

Practice Tips for Little River in Faber Lesson Book 1

    Now that you have been learning Firefly you are ready to start Little River. This two-line melody is an exercise to get you comfortable with legato (playing smoothly).  Here are some tips and focus points that will help you master this piece:
  • Prepare your hands: Put your hands in the C position just like Firefly.
  • Who Goes First? The right hand starts, as you can see the notes in the Treble Clef staff is for the right hand. The left hand plays the bottom staff with the Bass Clef.
  • The Slur: Practice the right hand by itself 3-4 times, then do the same with the left hand. After you get comfortable with the notes, start trying to play the notes as smooth as possible. Do not worry if you cannot play very smoothly at first, it will take time.
  • Both Hands: Though it is not written this way, it will be helpful to play through with both hands playing as smooth as possible. Try the song in different positions and different speeds.
What tips do you have for Little River

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